Why Attend UC2019?


Michelle Potter, Director of Logistics, England Logistics  

"Of all the conferences I attend, McLeod’s User Conference is my favorite - seeing all of the vendors, networking with people that I otherwise never get the opportunity to see – it’s very well done."

Tiffany Giekes, VP Business Process & Technology for Decker Truck Line  

"The networking is great. It’s always nice to have face-to-face interaction with vendors, and put faces with names of the people you work with every day. It’s time well-spent."

"Every year the conference just gets better and better. There’s so much to do – great networking opportunities, great vendors, session topics are on-point. If you miss a conference, you’re missing out!"

Ben Murchison, Business Process Director, PS Logistics 

"I come away with 2-3 new business contacts each day of the conference - people I can stay in touch with and bounce ideas off of all year. There is a great comradery among McLeod users!"

"McLeod does a great job of engaging us as customers and giving us platforms to communicate back to them. It’s wonderful to see the company recognize a great idea from a customer and implement it into the product. User Conference is where you see that in action."

"One-on-one training is such a nice offering at this conference. Being able to work with someone one-on-one is a great value. "

Jennifer Brim, Director of Training & Development, Decker Truck Line 

"The first year we came to a McLeod User Conference was actually before Decker went live on the software, and it was very beneficial to be able to talk with other customers."

"We’re all in the same industry. And we’re all competitors, but we’re also on the same team when it comes to being users of McLeod, and it’s nice to be able to share ideas."