Personalized One-on-One Training

One of the most popular aspects of McLeod Software’s User Conference is an hour of free one-on-one training and support on any version of LoadMaster and PowerBroker from our highly experienced software professionals.

We have added more training stations in the Computer Lab, offering more personalized training and support to help you better utilize the system you already have. During this training, our staff will be available to help answer specific questions about your software.

Schedule Your One-on-One Training Session
When you register for the conference, please indicate your desire for one-on-one training and support. An email with a link to a training questionnaire will be sent to you. Complete the questionnaire to help us better identify the software expert to assist you during your training.

McLeod University Classes

On Wednesday, August 28th, we will hold McLeod University. These full-day classes provide an in depth focus on a specific product or operations subject. All classes are for current users of LoadMaster and PowerBroker. These classes carry an additional fee.

Custom Financials and Advanced Accounting
This two-part class will provide in-depth training on the Custom Financials report writer tool as well as advanced accounting training. The Custom Financials portion of the class will be hands-on, creating financials ranging from a simple income statement to more advanced reports that include revenue/cost per mile, percentages, budget information and prior period / year activity. We will also review the creation of a balance sheet, a cash flow statement and consolidated financials across multiple companies. During the advanced accounting portion of the class, we will provide best practices for important tasks such as rebilling, cash receipt adjustments, garnishment processing, escrow account tracking / reporting, accounts payable and end of period.

Reports and Analytics: Taking the Next Step
The powerful suite of reports within LoadMaster and PowerBroker provides managers the opportunity to observe, react, and manipulate the success of their company right from the keyboard. This class will provide you with a refreshed look at these reporting capabilities and heighten your ability to apply this information to your daily business. Learn about the interconnectedness of the reports, the advanced opportunity for analysis in the Revenue Views, and how to design the Vital Signs Report to give you detailed insight into performance and efficiencies. You will immediately be able to effect positive change to your bottom line, increase effectiveness within your organization and more fully use LoadMaster/PowerBroker to further realize your return on investment, whether designing benchmarking goals or analyzing orders and lanes.

Visual Analytics with McLeod IQ
McLeod IQ with Power BI allows for visualization and insight into your data, enabling you to make better data-driven decisions. However, if the wrong visual is chosen for the situation or audience, you can end up with meaningless dashboards or a low adoption by consumers. In this class we will introduce you to the basics of reporting and dashboard creation with McLeod IQ and Power BI, including a basic import of external data from an Excel file. We will cover best practices for data analytics, including choosing the best visual, formatting of visuals and dashboards, and sharing and distributing reports. This class is an introductory class for data analytics geared for McLeod IQ users wanting to learn best practices for visualizations, conference attendees that would like to have hands on exposure to McLeod IQ, or any attendees that have interest in the basics of data visualization and best practices.


  • A personal laptop is required for this class.
  • Beginning to intermediate Microsoft Excel skills
  • Beginning to intermediate Power BI skills
  • Understanding of basic reporting concepts and terms

Intermediate Data Analytics with McLeod IQ
Go beyond the basics with McLeod IQ, Power BI, and Excel with this intermediate level class. Learn about using date tables, importing data, incorporating Excel data, and custom measures. We will introduce you to basic DAX coding in Power BI that will allow you to create filtered measures, ranges, and averages. We will also cover creating custom measures using OLAP tools with Excel. This intermediate class is focused for existing McLeod IQ users that are ready to expand their knowledge on using Excel and Power BI with McLeod IQ.


  • A personal laptop is required for this class
  • Completion of McLeod IQ onsite training
  • Intermediate working knowledge of the McLeod IQ product
  • Intermediate Microsoft Power BI skills and exposure
  • Intermediate Excel skills
  • Understanding of basic reporting concepts and terms